GCU - 102

Description :

GCU-102 is a single / three phase controller for the protection of genset. GCU 102 is a microprocessor based controller unit containing the necessary function for the protection & control of the genset. It provides protection against LLOP, HCT, and any two faults which can be specified by the user as per his requirement. The main feature is compact in size & reliability.
When Mains supply fails, the GCU 102 module automatically initiates the generator start sequence. The module will give set number of cranks to the generator. If the Generator starts within set number of cranks, the module will shift the load to the Generator by activating Generator contactor after Warm-up period. If the Generator do not start in set number of cranks START FAIL ( StrF ) fault will occur.
When the Mains supply comes back to the normal level, the load will shift to the Mains contactor after Mains Restore time & cool down time will be initiated. In cool down time, the Generator will run without load. Then the Generator is stopped in stop time. If the Mains fail during cool down time then load will immediately transferred to the Generator.



Control & Fault inputs with front panel visual indication

SUPPLY -8 – 32 Volts reverse polarity protected. Microprocessor based design Mains supply ON
Maximum Current -Operating 75mA Standby 10mA Automatic operating mode Mains contactor ON
Alternator Input Range - 75 (Ph-N) to 300 (Ph-N) settable Single phase / Three phase mains sensing. Generator supply ON
Alternator Input Frequency - 50-60 Hz @ rated engine speed. Mains voltage phase reverse protection. Generator contactor ON
Operating temperature range -0 to 65 ºC Display of V-Hz-Hr- RPM of Generator and Voltage of Mains. Low oil pressure
  Over speed, under speed protection. High engine temperature
  Over Voltage, Under Voltage protection for generator and mains. Alarm1
  LED alarm indication Alarm2
  Start / Stop delay timer  
  Warm-up / Cooling down timer  
  Energized to stop timer  
  Load contactor control solid state output  
  16 programmable parameters.  

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